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How To Shift Realities Tik Tok: Shifting & Shifting Reality How To Step By Step

This is how to shift realities as in the Tik ToK game, step by step. Safely. Easily. Let's go and shift reality!

The Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation

I had a Star Dream the other night about a crystal library which held all the crystals of not just this world, but of all worlds, where people could go and check out any crystal they needed, take it home and enjoy it, then bring it back. I loved this and so based upon it, here is the Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation. Enjoy!

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle - would you like to receive one?

Would you like to send a message in a bottle?

Here is a perfectly simple, perfectly enchanting Project Sanctuary pattern that can lead to many other things ...

The Money Angel

My partner has a parking angel, which is highly effective. So I thought it was time that those who would need one get themselves a MONEY ANGEL! Let the Money Angel take away some of your money stress and help you in all money matters, from this day forth.

Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps

Crystal Gazing is a lovely core skill for modern energy magic people. Learn Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps. 

12 Gifts - Winter Solstice Meditation

12 gifts solstice meditiation

A winter solstice meditation - just like a lucid dream, if you can make it real, is IS real, and real magic, at that.

Here is a special  Winter Solstice Meditation for you to enjoy that will bring you closer to your friends, guardians and angels and if you allow yourself to step inside, then you will really receive 12 beautiful gifts that will bring you joy, and more besides - enjoy!

Happy Solstice, everyone!!!

HypnoDreams Vol. 1: The Wisdom of The Water

Complete scripts and production notes of the beautiful energy hypnosis journeys from Wisdom of the Water: Oceans of Energy, Dive To Diamond, The Wisdom of the Water, Starfall, Ice River, Treasures & Riches. Darling remains a mystery ... 

Magic Mirror Poem

A true magic mirror - a gift in poetry.

Poem: Dream On

One of the most important functions of poetry is to keep us reminded of the other realms, the higher realms, beyond the stress and chaos of the day. It's like going to church but you don't have to get dressed up and sit around uncomfortably for hours on end - with a simple poem, you can get there whenever you want, or need to ...

... be reminded ...

Dream on ...


Poem: The Child

Silvia Hartmann's poem "The Child" from Heart Healing.

Halloween Spells For Real Witches

Are you a real witch? A truly magcal person, for whom magic is very real because you can feel it tingling in your fingertips, shooting up your spine, setting your heart and soul alight?

If so, what to do with Halloween? Here is an idea for you ...

Sunrise Poem: Morning Light

Silvia Hartmann's sunrise "poem" Morning Light.

A Project Sanctuary Classic Game For Energy888

Project Sanctuary is the method of choice to work with energy mind - the head of the energy body! - in order to gain access to paradigm shifting, truly creative and entirely original thought.

This article contains an introduction to the importance of energy awareness, a short synopsis of Project Sanctuary and a Classic Game for World Energy Awareness Event, August 8th at 8pm.

Free Project Sanctuary Workshop with Silvia Hartmann

Enjoy this virtual workshop with Silvia Hartmann, the creator of Project Sanctuary, recorded live at the European Energy conference 2013.

Create a First Sanctuary, discover an artefact and find a Past Life with these extraordinary techniques which were created by a three year old child.

Art Spell

Tell me of an art spell 

a well of love

in ancient times,

it made a river ...

Night Voice

In 2007, an aspect of mine wrote a special HypnoDreams album - one that was not for other people, or for sale, but only for me. Based on the "voices in the night," it was absolutely designed to be a gift for a future self who might need to hear these words, to calm her and inspire her, help her through the night. And it has, on many, many occasions and remains one of my favourite "poem collections" to date ... Full texts of all the "poems" and the song on this poetry album.

Winter Solstice Spell

Winter Solstice is on December 21st and a very special time for a very special spell. Here is an extremely powerful Winter Solstice Spell which can be done by a single person without any spell ingredients of any kind; this Winter Solstice Spell can also be performed in a group or coven. You can do this Winter Solstice Spell indoors and outdoors; and the basic energy magic of this can also be evoked at any time of the year. One of my personal favourites, enjoy!

Circle Of Light

The Genius Symbols are an infinitely flexible friend when it comes to all manner of meditations, prayers, affirmations. On this occasion, and the occasion being Winter Solstice, the Festival of Light, what could be more wonderful than a Genius Symbol Sphere made from candles - the Circle of Light ...

Web Magic: 7 Magic Meditations For Success On The WWW

If you look into an old book of spells, what you won't be finding in there is how to be successful on the World Wide Web! Magical websites? Spaces? Facebook pages? Can we put magic to work to get more visitors, get more likes, more sales?

I asked that very question and the result is this awesome set of 7 magic meditations for the WWW!

Magic Dance Of The Fat Woman

Here is a metaphoric Native American trance dance for Fat Women - The Dance of the Fat Women.

Full length trance dance experience - let the Medicine Man lead you in a magic dance of change, freedom and beauty.


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